What do we offer?

We work with men of all persuasion. Many with resistance, skepticism and trepidation!

Men are facing huge changes in their roles in the world. The status as ‘bread winner’ is, rightfully, changing. Sometimes, positive moves in society can mean that people take a while to catch up. Being a strong man is being re-defined to mean supporting family, friends, colleagues and communities. It is much more about being emotionally open. 

Happier, healthier men are likely to make better mates, partners, colleagues, brothers and sons.

We know that the idea of 'being fixed' is hardly attractive! It requires work. And there are plenty of other ways to get engaged in the Men's Centre.


Mens Groups

We have a number of groups run at the centre; for carers, veterans, and recovery groups. Contact us for more information.

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We are developing programmes for mentoring young men and their transition into adulthood.

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Mediation and conflict resolution

Well-managed conflict can be constructive, helping to ‘clear the air’, releasing emotion and stress, and resolving tension, especially if those involved use it as an opportunity to increase understanding and find a way forward together out of the conflict situation.


Advice and information

We are developing ways in which we provide advice on information helpful to men as well as signposting onto other services.

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Challenging Life Limiting Beliefs

Dealing with times of transition and challenges like separation, bereavement, loss, retirement? Experiencing low mood or sense of hopelessness?


Fatherhood & parenting

We are developing a range of programmes on fatherhood and parenting; and also Pre-natal, Early Years, Non-resident & Young Fathers.

We also offer a specialist Caring Dads training and host the Dads Matter programme.

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