Men’s Equinox Camp

20th to 24th September 2019

Our intention is to gather together for a camp in nature; to explore being men in a world which challenges us on a daily basis.

We offer a daily programme of workshops and activities to choose from.  Each morning we will hold Council: a chance for the whole Camp to meet together to connect and shape the day. We camp in circles around an open hearth; each circle sharing food and cooking together.  We encourage and support the circles to be your ‘home base’ for the duration: the place to relax, enjoy informal company and to share with your smaller group the experience of being at the camp.

Workshop themes include ‘attending to our masculine centre’, ‘exploring the symbolism for men in ancient myths and legends’, deepening our wellbeing and relationships through body psychotherapy and mindfulness skills, ‘meeting your “inner” man’.   

There will be the chance to take part in a traditional sweat lodge and to learn the ancient skills of firemaking and bodging (green woodworking).  There will be drumming, music from the resident band to dance to and plenty of opportunities to offer your own songs, stories and other talents.  On the final night we will come together in a ceremony that we will create during the preceding days, to celebrate the autumn equinox.

For details of workshops so far confirmed, click on the links to the sections below.

Being Here, Showing Up with Ned Henderson

Fire Making by Friction with Dan Wiseman

Telling Tall Tales with Andy Wood

Relishing the Masculine with Graeme Malone

Sweat Lodge with Graham Joyce

12 StS (12 Steps to Sustainability) with Dr Nigel Hargreaves

Drum Circle with Steve Seekings

Green Woodworking with Jonathan Ives

The Site and facilities


Full Price £150

Low income £130

Concession £105

To book go to:

Contact: Andy Wood


with Ned Henderson

This workshop will draw on body psychotherapy and mindfulness skills, offering an opportunity to deepen our wellbeing and relationships. Taking time to slow down and connect with our bodies, breath, sensation and feelings we begin to develop presence and awareness - being where we are.  From this place, we can explore expressing ourselves more fully in our connection with those around us. Ned is a Body Psychotherapist with many years of practice.  “I routinely use all of the skills involved within my therapy practice and training, experience of silent meditation retreats and mindfulness and meditation practice, among other things.”

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with Dan Wiseman

Fire making by friction connects our being with nature.  Together and with conscious intent, we will walk in the woods to gather the materials we need; then practice this ancient skill using simple hand made tools.  There will also be an opportunity to make your own bow drill.  Dan has been teaching fire making and running fire making ceremonies for 12 years.

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Graeme on the water.JPG

with Graeme Malone

This workshop will involve exercises and discussion aimed at enabling us to identify and develop our relationship with our masculine qualities. Graeme is a practitioner of both the Way of Council and Tantra.

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Andy and lads.JPG

with Andy Wood

Men’s Stories – those myths and legends of the past – give us clues about how to be men today. In ‘Telling Tall Tales’ Andy will offer the chance to explore some of these and to use their symbolism to help guide our own lives. Andy has been running groups and events for men and boys in Norfolk since 2002.  “I routinely use story and myths in developmental programmes for teenagers, young men, and older men”

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Grahams and lodge.JPG

with Graham Joyce

Using a yurt sauna, the Sweat Lodge is an elemental purification ceremony adapted from Native American tradition.  Seated on the ground we will sweat together in silence and also chant and make prayers.  It is a heart-opening space, connecting us with ourselves, each other the earth and spirit. Graham has been running Sweat Lodges for over 30 years.

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12 Steps to Sustainability

with Dr Nigel Hargreaves

12 StS (Steps to Sustainability) is a project started by Nigel to discover and act upon what sustainability means to us. This is of increasing relevance to all of us but as men, we have a key role to play in affecting the impacts of 6th Extinction Event - a dire label for the contemporary social and environmental crisis.

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Steve Drummer 006.JPG

Drum Circle

with Steve Seekings

With over 25 years’ teaching experience, Steve's teaching style is fun, inclusive and encouraging, getting the best out of everyone. Satisfying for both experienced and novice drummers alike. If you have a drum, bring it along!

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men's work pics April 19 011.JPG

with Jonathan Ives

Jonathan has spent 35 years working with trees and woodland management. He is an also an expert in bushcraft, green woodwork and pole lathe turning.

We will be working in the woods, identifying various tree species and their suitability for different purposes. Throughout the camp there will be plenty of opportunity to learn bodging skills and to fashion useful and beautiful items. But the focus will be on the process: being in tune with nature, teamwork and cooperation. We will nurture skills of the heart as well as the hand.

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Our home for a few days…

The site includes hot showers, sauna, cooking equipment and firewood.

Basic foodstuffs for breakfast and evening meal will be provided. Circles (20 - 25 men camped around a central fire pit) will organise their own cooking and supplement their basics as they see fit. Basics will include oats, potatoes, rice, pulses, carrots, onions etc

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