Men’s Equinox Camp

20th to 24th September 2019

Workshops - Council - Celebration - Sweat Lodge - Bushcraft

Camp in beautiful rural North Norfolk. Cook and eat together, hang out by the fire or get involved in workshops.

Drum circle, green woodworking, sweat lodge, drama, live music, trance dance, charcoal burning, art, fire making, nature awareness, ritual, sharing circles.

Site includes hot showers, sauna, cooking equipment and firewood.

Basic foodstuffs for breakfast and evening meal will be provided. Circles (20 - 25 men camped around a central fire pit) will organise their own cooking and supplement their basics as they see fit. Basics will include oats, potatoes, rice, pulses, carrots, onions etc

A full programme of workshops will include exploration of themes such as ‘attending to our masculine centre’ and ‘finding useful symbols about

how to be, from ancient myths and legends’. More details will be announced here in due course.

Details of some of the workshops and activities that participants can choose from:-

Being Here, Showing Up with Ned Henderson

This workshop will draw on body psychotherapy and mindfulness skills, offering an opportunity to deepen our wellbeing and relationships. Taking time to slow down and connect with our bodies, breath, sensation and feelings we begin to develop presence and awareness - being where we are.  From this place, we can explore expressing ourselves more fully in our connection with those around us. Ned has been a practicing Body Psychotherapy for many years having trained at the Cambridge Body Pyschotherapy Centre.  “I routinely use all of the skills involved within my therapy practice and training, experience of silent meditation retreats and mindfulness and meditation practice, among other things.”

Telling Tall Tales: finding the clues in traditional men’s (fairy) stories with Andy Wood

Men’s Stories – those myths and legends of the past – give us clues about how to be men today. In ‘Telling Tall Tales’ Andy will offer the chance to explore some of these and to use their symbolism to help guide our own lives. Andy has been running groups and events for men and boys in Norfolk since 2002.  “I trained as a dramatherapist and use story and myths in programmes run for teenagers, young men, and older men.  I founded and co-facilitate the Men’s Theatre Group.”

Relishing the Masculine with Graeme Malone

This workshop will involve exercises and discussion aimed at enabling us to identify and develop our relationship with our masculine qualities. Graeme is a practitioner of the Way of Council (for 8 years) and Tantra (12 years)

Sweat Lodge with Graham Joyce

Using a yurt sauna, the Sweat Lodge is an elemental purification ceremony adapted from Native American tradition.  Seated on the ground we will sweat together in silence and also chant and make prayers.  It is a heart-opening space, connecting us with ourselves, each other the earth and spirit. Graham has been running Sweat Lodges for over 30 years


Full Price early bird £130 Full price from 1st June £150

Low income early bird £115 Full price from 1st June £130

Concession early bird £95 Full price from 1st June £105

To book go to:

Contact: Andy Wood