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We're not about fixing - But about engaging men

We have had measurable success. Probably our most significant achievement to date was to set up a Men’s Shed in the centre of Norwich. The Shed is very successfully run by a volunteer committee. However, the experience of developing The Shed along with running a mentoring programme for boys moving into adulthood (Journey into Manhood) and a Caring Dads programme (a change programme for men at risk of perpetrating domestic abuse) have positively shaped our thinking.

From our direct experience, from the research and from the what our network have told us, we have identified a significant need for a wider programme of activities and support to assist local men with identity, purpose and meaning. In response we have identified the need and potential to build an expanded range of services, activities and opportunities.


Pitt Stop

The Pitt Stop encourages men from different backgrounds to come together around the things that interest them, whether that is music, films, comedy, sport, games, quizzes or anything else that they decide to use the space for together.

Just turn up. Participate. Make it what you want it to be. We also need a few more men to help us with these activities at the Pitt Street building but also in other venues in Norwich and beyond.

Currently the Pitt Stop runs on Tuesday afternoons at 2pm. Contact Andy Wood on 07584 253441


Seminars & Talks

In July we ran a successful and well attended sessions on Men’s experiences of Child Welfare services.

Future topics planned include:

Male Psychology & trauma

What are men’s responses to #MeToo?

Raising Boys

Summary and more details to follow


We currently need Pitt Crew volunteers, Associates and Directors Find out more here


We share a building and work closely with the Norwich MensShed. We also offer support and information to other Sheds in the area.

Come when you can, make what you want, mend stuff, chat, share experiences. We cater for all men with different levels of experience and skill. On your first visit one of the members will show you around the Shed and all it’s facilities. For more information go to here


Nurture by the power of nature connection!

Nurture by the power of nature connection!

MensCraft runs several different types of activities and events out in nature at various beautiful and remote locations.

A Vision Quest experience enables participants to seek guidance and insight from the natural world, always our mirror if we choose to open ourselves to it.

A Men’s Lodge offers the opportunity to share and explore common issues and concerns around an open fire; to participate in Council and a sweat lodge. Hearing and exploring the meaning of ancient myths and legends is another method we use to help us make sense of our personal and collective journeys through life as men.

Manifest provides a longer retreat into nature: camping for several days these events combine the methods of personal and group exploration described above.

Contact us for more information.


Men are facing huge changes in their roles in the world. We are developing programmes dealing with times of transition and challenges like separation, bereavement, loss, retirement.

Contact us for more information here


NR2 Men’s Institute

Next meeting

28th February at the Norwich Wellbeing Centre 7pm.

Mantle of the Expert author Tim Taylor will give a presentation and lead a discussion:

A boy is three times more likely to be excluded from school than a girl. If the boy is poor, he is four times more likely to be excluded than his less poor classmates. Boys with a black Caribbean heritage are the most likely of all. Persistent disruptive behaviour is by far the most likely cause, both for permanent and fixed period exclusions. Some boys, although not all, find school a difficult environment, a place where they don’t fit in, a culture that doesn’t meet their needs or engage their interests. By the time they reach secondary, many boys have become disappointed, disillusioned, and disappeared. Last year as many as 19,000 students simply stopped going to school, for one reason or another, and dropped out completely from education. Children with special educational needs and disabilities were disproportionately represented among this number, boys with SEND most of all.

Tim Taylor a teacher for thirty years in England and abroad and now working as an international teacher-trainer and consultant, will introduce a radical approach, which has been in development since the 1980s, that aims to collaborate with students, involve their ideas, and give meaning to their studies. In short, an approach that helps boys feel more like they belong in school and that they have something of value to offer wider society.

Free, but a suggested donation of £5 to cover room hire would be appreciated from any who can afford it. We have a plan for monthly meeting throughout 2019 at the Norwich Wellbeing Centre on the last Thursday of each month.

Contact us for more information.