We have recruited a Prevention and Positive Activities Coordinator

We have recruited. Starting in January. Watch this space…

Norfolk’s Suicide Reduction Strategy aims to reach and support men experiencing a sense of hopelessness leading to suicide ideation.  This role will involve casework with primary health (OneNorwichCCG & the Escalation and Avoidance Team). It also requires developing a variety of positive activities that men will engage in and find meaning and purpose and leads to increased resilience and mitigates the risk of suicide.  

The role will include identifying and implementing strategies to enable these individuals to overcome barriers and ultimately to exit patterns of suicide ideation, and to engage in meaningful activities and social connections. The coordinator will carry a caseload of clients and will involve either key working those clients directly or assisting in the coordination of support.  

An understanding of the complex issues contributing to suicide ideation and the impact on the lives of individuals and families is essential. As is experience of effectively supporting men via key-work, crisis intervention work, case recording, face to face work and other interpersonal work.

tim allard